Why You Should go on a Second Honeymoon

Here’s a wild guess, after the children were born, you have found it hard to make time for your significant other? Well that happens. But you know what can fix this? A second honeymoon to relive those romantic moments and create new ones. Going for a second honeymoon helps bring back the magic and make your relationship more meaningful. And besides, give yourselves some credit. Y’all have literally earned this.

If you’re still having second thoughts about it, a second honeymoon makes the perfect gift for your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday.

second honeymoon

Didn’t have a proper honeymoon the first time

Not enough time? Unforeseen situations or financial difficulties? Whatever may be the reason why your honeymoon didn’t turn out the way you expected it to. Having a second honeymoon is a chance to turn things around.

reasons to go for second honeymoon

Reconnect with each other

Routines and raising children can sometimes leave no room for anyone else. You need to work on your marriage by communicating and expressing your feelings to each other. This is when a second honeymoon becomes so very important. Leave the kids with their grandparents for however long you can and spend quality time together.

second honeymoon Goa

Learn something new about each other

Your often get so involved in getting things done that you end up taking your partner for granted. Go on a trip, learn more about each other. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn in such a short span of time.

second honeymoon in Goa

Create a downpour of new memories

Sometimes you are stuck reminiscing about how your trip to Italy or Bangkok was instead of planning a new one. If you love diving or parasailing, share your passions with your partner. Or if you know that your partner likes bungee jumping then you should probably plan a trip that includes it.

It’s time to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Go on, get packing for your second honeymoon. If Goa is part of your getaway plan, you must check out Seashell Honeymoon Suites and Villas. They make the perfect and most romantic place to spend your second honeymoon.

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