6 Hilarious Stereotypes About Goans And Goa

Beaches, beer, clubs and yes, beer. Sounds like the Goa you’ve heard of, maybe even visited, right? Unfortunately, Goa is notorious for all of these things, and ONLY these things. As a result, Goans are often subjected to hilarious stereotypical questions brought about by half baked knowledge. Here’s a roundup of the top six:


1) “So you mean to tell me you’re NOT at the beach everyday?”

For the love of cashew feni and for the last time, no. Unless it’s the fishing profession that you’re in, most Goans won’t see the back (or front) of a beach for months on end.


2) “You probably hit the club every weekend (and maybe even during the week), right?”

Wrong. In what might come as a shock, most Goans haven’t partied as hard in their lifetimes as tourists do in ONE trip to Goa.


3) “So how many pairs of Hawaiian shirts do you own?”

Five, for when we go to Hawaii.


4) “What do you mean your surname isn’t Fernandes/D’Souza/Menezes/Pereira”?

If you think this is crazy, you’ll be shocked to know that most of us in fact, do NOT have an aunty named Maria.


5) “We’re obviously staying by the beach on our Goa trip because honestly, what else is there to do in Goa?”

We’ll tell you just what. Besides the churches of Old Goa which are a beautiful amalgamation of a variety of cultural influences, there are numerous temples such as the Mangeshi Temple, Nageshi Temple, Shantadurga Temple and Brahma Temple that are worth visiting for their structural beauty.


6) “You Goans have a very laid back attitude towards things.”

It’s statements like these that make us doubt that side of ours. This might have been true several years ago, but Goa and Goans are quickly catching up with the likes of metropolitan cities. In that, work life is becoming increasingly fast paced and we’re adapting to keep up with the times.

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