Planning a Goa Honeymoon? Here Are Some Top Tips

Honeymoons are all about love, romance, great food, awesome dates, and picture-perfect locations. Goa steps the game up as India’s favourite honeymoon destination. Goa is filled with places where you and your partner can have a gala time. Goa’s sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, exciting adventures, and romantic getaways are simply the best way to spend your honeymoon. If you are newlywed or the wedding is around the corner do give this a read and make use of the tips to have a super awesome honeymoon in Goa. 


Here we go:


No honeymoon is complete without staying in the best luxury honeymoon suites, however, before we talk more about this let’s check out the other stuff that goes into making a great honeymoon. 


  • Most romantic honeymoon beaches in Goa

No visit to Goa is complete without spending quality time at Goa’s favorite beaches. While all of Goa’s beaches are pristine and gorgeous there are a select few where the romance levels hit the roof. 

  • Candolim Beach – Candolim beach in Goa close to Sinquerim fort has white silken sands that are simply gorgeous. It is surrounded by a bay on one side and the open sea on the other. The sight of swaying palm trees on these breezy shores is awesome. 
  • Anjuna Beach – You got to visit this unique beach situated below Anjuna hill from which you get a bird’s eye view of the shoreline. This beach has partly rocky and partly sandy terrain which are perfect for pictures. 
  • Vagator Beach – This offbeat beach is nice and secluded and rests amidst serene waters. It makes the perfect spot for all you lovebirds.
  • Arambol Beach – This beach is all about giving you a boho vibe. The crescent-shaped shore is a major attraction here and one will find a lot of smaller beaches in the vicinity of this.

Do make it a point to grab your beachwear and head on to the shores to have some fun. 


  • The best islands in Goa 

The islands in Goa are straight out of the movies and are simply magnificent. What better way to spend your honeymoon than with your loved ones on these islands? The boat rides to get there add to the romance. 

  • Divar Island – You can get to this island via the Old Goa ferry and experience this long-lost beauty. This island is surrounded by fields, marshy lands, and other places of natural beauty. The island has a typical rural setup and this quaint spot is nice and quiet for a couple’s bike ride through the village.
  • Bat Island – Bat island offers scenic splendor to all who visit it. The blue waters around the island are calming yet can be a great place to try out some adventure sports and snorkeling too. 


  • Best Nightclubs in Goa

In Goa, the party never stops. You can dine and dance all night long to the tunes of your favorite DJs. Partying the nights out in celebration of your wedded life is best done at Goa’s nightlife hotspots.

LPK Waterfront, Mambos, Titos, Soro, Cohiba, and Club Hammerz are some of the few nightclubs in North Goa that are perfect to let your hair down and party all night long.


  • Best couple experiences to indulge in

There are a few activities to indulge in Goa that are exclusive to this honeymoon destination.

  • A night stroll – A lengthy stroll on the moonlit beaches of Goa is the most perfect way to spend your honeymoon. The cool breeze through your hair and the soft sand beneath your feet is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. 


  • Weekend on a houseboat – The rivers in Goa play host to a perfect stay on a houseboat. A one-night stay on these houseboats as they navigate the rivers of Goa is simply romantic and a perfect honeymoon experience. 


  • Star gazing on the beach – Get yourself a beach bed at any of the beach shacks in Goa and simply gaze into the night sky. The sights of the beautiful stars along with the sounds of the sea waves are simply very romantic and enjoyable. 


  • The perfect stay

We’ve saved the best for the last. No honeymoon is complete without staying in luxury suites in Goa that are ready to host you the perfect honeymoon stay. Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa. When you compare the two, North Goa makes for a better holiday destination, because it is here where all of the fun lies. In fact, almost all of the tips discussed above can be exclusively experienced in North Goa. Through all of our experiences, living in North Goa, especially in the coastal belt of Candolim and Calangute offers the best experiences. Check into the best luxury honeymoon suites in these areas and enjoy the perfect honeymoon. Make sure you plan your honeymoon and get a booking way in advance to avoid disappointments, especially since Goa gets very busy during the tourist season.


  • Historical sites in Goa

You got to explore the lesser talked of sites in Goa. Reserve one day of your honeymoon to go sightseeing to the best of Goa’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Old Goa has a lot of sites of historical importance that are recognized by UNESCO. You can also visit the famous temples in Goa such as Shantadurga and Mangeshi Temples.


So which is the best time to travel to Goa for your honeymoon?


November to February:


This time of year is considered the best time to stay in Goa. Tourists flock and the entire state lights up for the festive season.  Activities are at the fastest pace and you’ll always have a lot to do.


March to May:


During these months Goa is filled with tranquility and peace. You can also discover Goa’s unexplored places, less-visited historical sites, churches, heritage sites, waterfalls, and other places in Goa.

Now that you’ve got the right tips to plan your perfect honeymoon you better get going. Do not forget to book your stay at luxury honeymoon suites in North Goa so that you enjoy your honeymoon with your loved one and go back with the most awesome memories.

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