Goa Travel Checklist: 8 Travel Essentials

Goa isn’t the ultimate travel spot in India for nothing. But as with every place in the world, there are certain things you need to be mindful of when travelling to Goa to make the most of your experience. Here’s a handy travel checklist of everything your suitcase should carry on your next trip to Goa.


1) Sunscreen

We can’t stress this enough. Goa tends to get hot especially during the summer months, so make sure to carry a sunscreen with SPF 50, especially if you plan on spending extended hours out in the sun or on the beach.


2) Hats and sunglasses

The glare, particularly at the beaches can get uncomfortable. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to combat this; simply throw on a cap/hat and some sunglasses!


3) Swimwear

If you want to spend your days at the beach, swimwear is a must! Afterall, no trip to the beach is complete without a dip in the sea.


4) Comfortable footwear

We strongly urge that you carry sturdy flip flops that’ll get you through your beach days and are also great for your sightseeing trips.


5) Tissues and sanitizers

These are essential not just on your Goa trip, but of every trip that you take.


6) Powerbank

You don’t want your phone dying on you right when you’re in the middle of uploading that selfie to Instagram, now do you?


7) Light clothing

Think cotton tops, shorts and summery dresses. The last thing you want is your clothes weighing you down and leaving you exhausted and uncomfortable.


8) Conditioner

Beach air and sea water are great for the soul but not so much for the hair. It leaves your hair dry and straggly. A conditioner will remedy that.

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